Electric Shower Repair Meath

Should your electric shower be Triton, Aqua Lisa, Gainsborough or Mira our expert shower repair professionals Meath will be able to investigate faults and obtain spare parts as required. He will also be able to replace the shower if needed. Whatever the problem with your electric shower Meath, we can diagnose the fault and complete all required remedial action to leave you with a fully functioning shower. In the unlikely event that your shower is un-repairable, a quotation for replacement can be provided.

  • Affordable electric shower repairs and maintenance Meath
  • Reliable Shower Repairs Meath to customers throughout Meath
  • Triton & Mira electric shower repair & maintenance specialists Meath
  • We can repair both electric and boiler-fed showers Meath
  • Shower Flow or Pressure Problems Fixed Meath
  • In Meath replacement of existing pump/shower

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Electric Shower Repair Meath

Electric showers are generally quite reliable. Like any type of electrical equipment, showers can sometimes develop faults and that is when you need a local Meath electric shower repair expert to solve your problem. A small shower repair or replacement part may be all that’s needed to have your shower back up and running again. We deal with all types of electric shower repairs in Meath and for a large variety of different shower manufacturers.
Call Ray on 087 945 3653 Electric Shower Repair Meath
Shower Repairs

  • We carry out upgrades, installations and repairs to all the leading brands of electric showers.
  • Leaking Showers Repaired Meath
  • We specialise in repair and replacement of all major brands of showers in Meath
  • Low cost services for electric shower repairs and electric shower installation in Meath
  • Triton T80 & Triton T90 showers supplied & fitted in Meath
  • Broken Shower or Shower Pump Repairs Meath